High School Simulator Wiki

High School Simulator is a game app developed by Tomoya Sukigami. It's a game about being a japanese high school student, male or female, or both. The main goal is to kill all the students with weapons, but not to get caught by police. The player can also kill other people and police.



It’s the place where you are supposed to study. It includes the main block with classes, Cafe, clubs and other rooms, a garden, a pool, a parking lot, a tennis field, a basketball court, a football field and Gym.


It is the place where the game takes place. In HSS 2019 and 2018 there are many people around the town, you can kill all of them.



Players can customize their character as they want. They can have any gender, hairstyles, faces or accessories. They can also change the students’ and teachers’ uniforms at the settings menu.


The students attend school. The follow their own routines and can interact with the Protagonist. There are 100 students in HSS 2018, 20-40 in HSS GirlA; you can perform actions which they respond to like call hello, bye bye, follow me, stop and join club.


The teachers work at School. If they notice murder or see a student carrying a weapon or a corpse, they will call the police and attack the player. There are 10 teachers in the staff room.

Places in the game include the pool, gym, ground area,the library, tennis field, science room, music room, the office, the technology, cafeteria and nurse's office.


If a student witness a murder, he will ran away. If the player doesn’t eliminate him, the student will call the Police. The police staff will appear near the police station and go to the crime scene to observe it. If they see player covered in blood, having a weapon, or carrying a body, they will try to kill the player.

Test Models[]

The test models only appear in High School Simulator GirlA of this game. This includes skeletons, unknown teachers, unknown vietnamese girls, the succubus twins, Arum and Asphodel and the 4 test models such as: Akane, Yuka, Faye, Ami, Reiji, and unknown models. The 4 test models also appeared in High School Battle. See Characters In High School Simulator GirlA (page is not created yet)

Test Player outfits[]

This includes all of the original models.CLICK HERE to view .Click on A and AF to see more.

Extra Info[]

  • There is a letter on top of the protagonist's table at home. You can take it and offer it to another student ( regardless of gender) to confess your feelings for them( in case you think bowl-cut senpai is too boring)They will peform a shy action and after that you can perform a unique act (kiss) with them, though you may have to wait for while for it to be visible. The letter can only be used once in a save file and to change your lover you can go to the shop outside the school to buy a heart shaped gift (500yen) or another letter (1000yen).
  • There is a cat at home and you can make it follow you around, though it is very buggy and I think it is lucky it haven't fainted due to the sheer amount of times it crashed into a wall or lampost.
  • There are 2 soda dispensers at the front gate, you can summon as many as you want and drink them too, behold the soda galore.
  • All the students and teachers head to the canteen during the break period. Your device will lag but it is a perfect opportunity to kill everyone on the spot without witnesses( you may have to persuade your lover/senpai to leave the canteen first( unless you intend to kill them or permanently scar them for life))
  • Students who witnessed a murder will run for the hills( literally ) in 3 different directions. But you run 3 times faster then them so hopefully that compensates for it.
  • Police will attempt to shoot you with a gun. But their response is ultra slow and you will have ample time to sneak up with a katana before that happens.The bullets are easy to dodge at any one time.


  • This game have an Easter egg mask that could be used by the player to increase speed.
  • The spin off version of the game is High School Battle.